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What is "WEEMAN"?

"WEEMAN" is a unique invention that is revolutionising toilet training for little boys.

"WEEMAN" is a toilet training urinal, targeted especially for 1-4 year olds.

"WEEMAN" clips on to the front of a normal sized toilet, allowing small boys to urinate whilst standing up unaided just like Dad.

The patented design ensures there is no splashes or drips, the unique cleaning action means that "WEEMAN" can be emptied and flushed without being removed from the toilet.

The "living hinge" has been tested to over one million actions. Child psychologists and many Mums believe this invention will alleviate a great deal of the stress and trauma associated with boys' toilet training and because they do not need assistance, they will gain greater self confidence.


The serious nature of a condition that prevails in small boys, called "toilet training trauma" is becoming increasingly recognized by industry professionals.

It is claimed that this condition is the result of unsuitable toilet training aids available for small boys.

Toilet training represents a traditionally stressful period for both child and parent. Until now only inadequate stools and potty seats have been utilised.

Boys suffer the embarrassment of mess on the floor and they develop a reluctance to go to the toilet and often experience low self confidence as a result of increased accidents and bedwetting.

Makes "peeing" standing up a breeze for little Weeman!

The World's First Little boy's Toilet Training Urinal! The Weeman attaches easily to the toilet with a hinge system that allows it to be swung up and over the rim where it empties itself. When the toilet is flushed the Weeman, made from a hygienic, liquid repelling plastic, is rinsed and cleaned automatically. It is then swung back ready for the next use. It has the added bonus of teaching little boys to put the lid of the toilet down when they are finished!


Anti-bacterial: Reduces bacteria growth
Deodorizer: Reduces odor caused from bacteria break down
Hygienic: Effective against all common bacteria
Easy to Clean: Easy to clean with a patented no splash or drip self washing design
Safe to use: No more balancing on stools and steps!
Tested: On little boys "Weeman"


6 Simple steps, no cleaning, fully flushable

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